Thursday, October 15, 2015

Motoped Survival Bike Looks Like a Million Bucks, Has 400 Miles Range

Small engine driven bicycles have a special place in my heart.  And this is probably the most awesomest gas powered bicycle in the world!  I would love one.'
Motoped adds one more cool machine to their roster, in the form of the Survival model, a bike with a strong military attire, but an exceptional vehicle in all situations.

This super-hauler is, like the other Motoped bike we brought you, a stunning crossbreed between a mountain bike and lightweight motorcycle. Motoped Survival retains full functionality of both machines and blends them into a new species which looks like it could help anyone escape a zombie attack or, in the absence of flesh-eating monsters, have the fun of a lifetime in the wild, time after time.

Is 400 to 500 miles range enough for the traveller in you?
Here's a youtube video:

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