Tuesday, October 6, 2015

KNOW GMO The movie

The war against GMO is the war against people who wnat to eat.  And letting them starve.  How can anti-GMO live with themselves?

This is a documentary coming out hopefully, soon.  

Banana trees are being wiped out in Asia and other areas on the other side of the globe.  This fruit provided food for people and money when shipped to other 1st world nations.  Blight is wiping them out.  There's been a race to solve the problem.  GMO is one of the solutions.  And apparently, the problem has been solved.
“I cannot begin to imagine how Canadian farmers would react if they had to mow their wheat fields because of a disease with a solution,” was Nick Saik’s passionate remark when he saw a helpless banana farmer in Uganda carrying a banana diseased from wilt that he had plucked from an 8-month-old banana tree.

Saik was in Africa to shoot part of a documentary titled “Know GMO.” He interacted with and interviewed banana and cassava farmers, scientists and members of Parliament — those looking for a solution to their common problems, disease threatening staple plants in Africa. The available transgenic solution is being fought against by anti-GMO activists despite the benefits the technology provides.

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