Monday, October 26, 2015

'Bureaucracy run amok': School dumps federal lunch program, is deemed 'processing plant'

I think it's time to tell the Federal Government to stick it up their ass.  I just can not believe that this school is being treated this way.  What utter stupidity.

The highschool dumped Michell's idiotic, twisted food program and saw increases in food consumption by the teens.  They continued to support the crappy Federal program for the primary and middle schools.

And then the problems began.
But the problem arose when U.S. Department of Agriculture officials, and the state agency that shares oversight of the program, realized that nearly all of the district’s food is taken in, stored and prepared at the facility at the high school. That means food destined for the one middle and four elementary schools, which is subsidized by taxpayers, could be co-mingled with food that is not. It also means the high school – but not the other schools in the district – would forgo foods the USDA provides at low prices, including cheese, diced chicken and peaches.

To ensure that all food was properly accounted for, the district could either build a separate facility for food preparation at the other schools or adopt the type of strict accounting system used at industrial food processing facilities, where every item is monitored coming in and going out. It would also have to submit to rigorous and regular federal inspections, according to Greenberg.

“Say we are making meat loaf,” Greenberg said. “Someone drops a pound of ground beef on the floor. Normally, we would simply throw that away. But now, we would have to log it, and document whether it came out of the high school’s supplies or the elementary school’s.
Was this their "punishment" for dropping the highschool federal food program for something more sensible?

The nation has lost its way.

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