Saturday, November 10, 2012

America Is California

We are so screwed.

America is now California.

That was a major take-away from Tuesday's election.

The Golden State has long been the incubator for national political trends and themes. Ronald Reagan started here in 1966. The prairie fire of tax reform was kindled by Howard Jarvis and Proposition 13 in 1978. California led the 1992 "Year of the Woman," electing two women U.S. Senators. And the searing debate over illegal immigration that continues to shape the future of national politics was ignited in 1994 by California's Proposition 187.

I'm sorry, but WHAT tax reform?  Oh, you mean that the high state taxes in CA will now be reflected broadly through the Federal Government as well? If you mean tax reform as far as LOWERING taxes, well, that died in CA decades ago.

And I love this sentence near the end:
Despite the fact that national Republicans still control the U.S. House, the toxic GOP brand -- a party of rich, white men in grey suits -- that has crippled the state GOP has begun to define public perception of the national party. has the net worth of Senators and Reps.  Democratic senators BY FAR are richer than Republicans.  For the House, depending on the year sometimes it's neck-and-neck or Republicans and ahead of the Democrats.  But without a doubt, BOTH parties are filled with evil filthy rich guys.

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