Sunday, November 25, 2012

Solar power plants burden the counties that host them

My first thought was this was going to be a dumb article.  On the contrary, it's terrible!  The extremely low number of employees doesn't surprise me.  And...I guess the State taking away pretty much any incentive for counties to host PV plants doesn't surprise me either...

An economic consultant hired by the county found that property tax revenue would be a fraction of the customary amount because portions of the plant qualifiy for a solar tax exclusion. Fewer than 10 local workers would land permanent positions — and just 5% of the construction jobs would be filled by county residents. And construction workers are likely to spend their money across the nearby state line, in Nevada.

Worse, the project would cost the county $11 million to $12 million during the 30-month construction phase, with much of the money going to upgrade a historic two-lane road to the plant. Once the plant begins operation, the county estimates taxpayers will foot the bill for nearly $2 million a year in additional public safety and other services.

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