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I wrote this a few weeks ago.  Now that O'Bama has won I thought it important to repost for you to read:

Is it possible? If it is, then we are seeing the death of the America as we used to know it. And as far as being a conservative is concerned we may all be just rearranging deck chairs on the USSAmerica.

Republicans lost the last presidential election to O'bama. The same may happen this time as well. Could this be an indication of things to come for conservative/Republican states?

To see the future all we have to do is look at CA. With unemployment at incredible highs, revenue not able to keep up with expenditures, illegal immigration seen as an asset instead of a liability and massive migration out of the state, CA elected a Democratic Governor.

From all that I've read about CA - and I hope I'm wrong - and it has been almost two years worth of news articles, conservatives are fighting a Lost Cause.

This all reminds me of Communist regimes. Pick one. USSR, North Korea or Cuba. Not matter how bad things got, there was one and only one overriding theme:

The Supremacy of the State.

The Soviet Union is the best example of this so far in that their belief in The State took it to the very brink and then over it. The Collapse was devastating. It was only then that things changed and only after great hardship was Russia able to emerge on the other side.
The immediate bodily memory from that time that comes to mind is the sensation of cold. Cold winters, faltering heat, cold homes, cold classrooms in college; wearing coats in lecture halls and hallways, pen ink freezing. Warm clothes and small space heaters are a must-have. Also, vitamins and supplements were great items to have on hand. I remember a large bottle of multivitamins from some western charity's 'humanitarian aid', and how much better we felt after taking them.

By the time the Soviet Union collapsed in December of 1991, the retail stores were routinely empty. In the winter of 91-92, the starvation on a national scale was narrowly averted. In 1992, "The First Default" hit and the currency took a plunge, obliterating everyone's savings. I went to college later that year and my stipend, which was supposed to cover one's basic living expenses in a free student housing, was just enough to buy a chocolate bar.

Look at North Korea. Massive starvation. Poverty that makes it look like a cold weather Somalia. At what point will the suffering end? It will only end when there is utter chaos among The State. When those in charge finally throw up their hands, give up and walk away. But look at the number of people that they will take with them in the meantime. It is truly heartbreaking and disgusting.
But a few years ago, our dreams started to disappear. At home, we ran out of rice and corn, which weren’t replenished from the distribution station. My mother made corn gruel for us. Everyday she waited in line to get the rations. She had to wait almost 10 days to get much smaller rations compared to the previous ones. My father always looked sluggish at home because of malnutrition and hard labor in the coal mines. He stopped having the small beer parties he used to have with his friends. As soon as he came home, he couldn’t help lying down.

Meanwhile, my mother roamed around, collecting some edible grass in order to make soup with corn flour. She served one bowl of that soup to my father, sister and me, but took only half a bowl for herself. So-yon and I managed quite well. However, my parents were adults so didn’t seem to have enough. They looked languid and depressed.
I read recently that the "New Dear Leader" was going to institute land reform. I just hope it's not too little too late.

And there's Cuba:
In Cuba, every family possesses The Card. Their ration card system allows them to obtain the food and staples that a Cuban family must learn to live on for a month.

Lately, many of these items are not obtainable in Cuba, even on the ration system. People, such as doctors, are expected to not only live on this ration but also to be alert at work in order to help other people.

Fathers and mothers must constantly tell their children that some things are just not possible. Doctors have to tell patients and families that their outcomes could be better if only they had the correct medicine.

So...that brings us At what point in the line of history will we finally give up on the Supremacy of The State? My hope is that it will be sooner rather than later. In the past, due to the form of government we have, we have always been quick to learn from our mistakes, face them and change direction. But at that point we believed in the Supremacy of the People.

Well, we don't believe that anymore.

Look at CA. They look to be about 10 to 15 years ahead of the rest of the nation. What will it take for them to stop believing in the SOTS? I think it will take a complete collapse of their governing capability. Only the Rot from the Inside will succeed in bringing it all down. Only then will the people finally tell the government in CA to go take a hike and leave us alone.

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