Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Twinkicide: Death By Liberalism

This is Leftist ideology at its core.  It's their way or the highway.  But in the end, it means death.  I like the term Twinkicide.  I think I'll use it.  TOO LATE!  The author uses it to describe CA!!
Then there's the state of California.

The place is a disaster. Once a rich state, the center of the American universe with California Dreamin' an anthem to the state's magnet-like ability to draw people from not only around the country but the world to its glamorous precincts, it is now busily driving people away as it slowly sinks. Sinks into a morass of high taxes, out-of-control debt, lousy schools and fleeing businesses. Only this month Governor Jerry Brown sold his tax-addicted constituents that yes, what California needed was another tax! Up went taxes -- again -- on higher incomes, while a sales tax increase was approved for everyone. The state has a $16 billion deficit while carrying the highest debt load of any state in the nation -- $618 billion. Notes the Weekly Standard's Charlotte Allen:

That latter amount includes up to $500 billion in unfunded pension liabilities for 220,000 state employees plus billions in unpaid bills, delayed payments to schools, and amounts raided from dedicated funds to cover general expenses.
All of these woes and more are sending the state headlong into a swan dive in an empty concrete swimming pool. Will the liberals who have managed this debacle change course? Admit liberalism is driving the state inevitably, nor to mention faster by the day, into bankruptcy? Are you kidding? They would prefer… all together now…

Twinkicide! Death by liberalism is the new California Dreamin'.
This is EXACTLY what I have been talking about since the beginning.  The poor? Not important.  The Hispanics?  Not important.  Blacks?  Not important.  Women?  Not important.  The ONLY thing that matters is LEFTIST IDEOLOGY.

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