Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Worst Is Yet To Come For California

I am not surprised.
Now, with the implementation of California’s massive Global Warming law set to take effect, not to mention the passage of huge sales and income increases, California will be the highest taxed and regulated state in the world. It already ranks last in the U.S. as a place to start a business because of taxes and regulations, and is witness to many employers leaving the state.

In light of that, you can ask yourself some basic questions: Did California get this way because Republicans held up even more taxes? Or more Regulations? Or more Spending?

If you leave your common sense behind, the Sacramento Democrats and their supporting media would have you believe that California is not taxed enough, that spending needs to rise even more and that more regulation is needed. If they get an Assembly super majority to match the Senate Super majority they now have, California will get just what those Democrats want.

The public employee unions, which have paid for the Democrat successes at the ballot box this year with taxpayer derived money, didn’t even wait a day before raising the specter of more business taxes. Their Senate leader wants to give municipalities the right to make it easier for them to raise taxes. Some party elders, i.e. Willie Brown, already have suggested that Prop 13, the historic property tax limitation law that launched a national tax revolution, be “reformed” – read have the cap on increases for commercial property taxes lifted.

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