Monday, November 5, 2012

California city savors role in soda-tax fight

So, the City of Richmond looks at having a Green Party Mayor as a badge of honor, eh?  And they hate the "Chevron Man, eh?

Well, as Glenn Reynolds would say "heh".

From my previous post on Chevron and the CapnTrade, you guys might get your fondest desire granted.  Then you guys can all high-five and fist bump yourselves to the unemployment line.

I'm aware of other chemical companies in Richmond since I did a little engineering work on one of them - General Chemical.  There could be a domino effect.  Just a guess on my part.  But I sure wouldn't be happy that the Mayor of your wonderful town is antagonistic toward the side of the bread that is buttered.

But I am veering off target.  The article is about a soda tax.

Fierce campaigning has brought in the kind of money rarely seen in a community of 104,000 people. Soda companies have funneled $2.5 million into efforts to defeat the tax, while supporters have raised only $69,000.

In its continuing fight, Chevron has again spent $1.2 million, this time to oppose two council candidates critical of the company and to support three considered supportive.

Richmond, though, is not united. The two-pronged battle has sharpened the differences between the Richmond Progressive Alliance and leaders of the city’s growing Hispanic population and the once-dominant black establishment. Many in those groups oppose the soda tax and side with Chevron.
I'm sort of curious about how much money Chevron and other companies funnel into the community.  It's just a hunch, but I imagine it could be substantial.

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