Friday, November 30, 2012

Video: Staten Island Hurricane Recovery Meeting Erupts in Rage

Do I really need to say this?  I'll say it anyway: If there were a Republican in the White House there would be 24/7 coverage of his failure....

Individuals still without homes, whom President Obama promised FEMA would help out. FEMA hasn’t helped, and Obama is about to jet off to Hawaii for vacation. I’m not slamming Molinaro, who is the first Conservative to hold his office in New York City. He’s doing his best in an awful situation. He’s already on the record blasting the Red Cross for raking in cash from donors but not helping people on the ground in the hurricane zone.

Being a government official on hand, Molinaro found himself a target.

“You think it’s a joke? You really think this is a joke,” one angry man yelled. “You go home for the holidays. I don’t. But you sit there with your dumb smile. You know what? I wish it was election year, because you’d do better this year.”

Well, it is an election year at the national level and it’s likely that most in the crowd voted to re-elect the malignant incompetent Barack Obama. Staten Island was a GOP bastion but has been trending Democrat in recent years.

In an ironic twist, Conservative Molinaro is likely to pay a higher price for FEMA’s failures than Democrat Obama ever will.
And this is a coincidence?

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