Friday, November 30, 2012

Bing Said City Workers Feel ‘Entitled,’ Says His Job Second Only To Obama’s

I really feel for this man.  I've never seen a city die the death this one has.  This man seems to have vision.  And you know, if Detroit can do it, it tells me there is hope for America and we all can do it.

“We are in an environment, I think, of entitlement, we’ve got a lot of people who are city workers, who for years and years, 20, 30 years, think they are entitled to a job and all that comes with it,” Bing said.

He added: “Nobody wants to go backwards, but in order for us to move this city forward we’re going to have to take a step or two backwards — and then, I think, all of us have to participate in the pain that’ s upon us right now.”

But the real bombshell may be Bing’s sense of the hardest jobs in the country.

“(My job is) to make the hard decision so this city would have a future, but it’s probably the second most difficult job in this country behind the president,” he said.

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