Saturday, November 24, 2012

Obamacare Meets Reality. Reality Wins.

I talked about this happening.
For every law that was meant to right a wrong forever gets twisted to do the opposite and instead it wrongs a right.
Governments are good at DESTROYING.  That is why our Founding Fathers tried to minimize their influence.

Now, Redstate talks about Obamacare and its affects:
What Obamacare has done in the name of providing universal health care is to make it advantageous to employers to provide no health care whatsoever. This isn’t necessarily bad, in my view one of the major shortfalls of our current system is that the policy is owned by the employer rather than the employee, but what is bad is when such a sea change occurs when the actual operational concept was to expand the scope of coverage provided by employers.

By gold plating the minimum policy, employers are encouraged to carry no policy at all. To avoid the fines associated with not providing coverage employers have an incentive to reduce a vast majority of employees to working less than 30 hours per week. If you are a waiter, your employer now has an incentive to reduce your tip income to avoid health care costs...
Now, this is all Conservative websites.  Is this really Reality?  If it is, then we might see the End of O'Bamacare.  Or at the very least, an overhaul.

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