Friday, November 23, 2012

The GOP and Racism, Yet Again

To this day I don't understand how the GOP ever got branded as the racist party.  Do you know what I think?  I think conservatives ought to just throw around the label just like the Dems do.  No matter what they say or do, just call it racist.  It works for them!
Never mind that Republicans haven’t had a white secretary of state since Lawrence Eagleburger concluded his term two decades ago. Never mind that Republicans appointed the first black secretary of state ever (Colin Powell) and the first black female secretary of state ever (Condoleezza Rice, arguably the star of the GOP convention in August). Also, never mind that Rice’s handling of Benghazi — and several other matters — can quite defensibly be dubbed incompetent. That doesn’t stop Democrats or liberal pundits from crying racism.
 Written by a true racist! There! See how easy that was?  By Mr Golberg denouncing racism, he proves he's a racist.  So, I will use the following language to prove my point: Jonah (racist) Golberg (racist) and the (racist) Republican Party are for (racist) policies that promote (racist) equality among (racist) people and uh....racist., racist, racist.

Honestly, though, I really believe we ought to employ the same language the Dems do.  Whenever they speak out against...whatever or whoever, we label them racist using the word as many times as we can.  We ought to call whatever they do as a war on women just like they do to Republicans.  Let THEM try to defend themselves!  Republicans MUST take control of the language AWAY from them!  At first they will blow off the charges.  But one by one they will get irritated and find themselves going on the defensive.  The tactic worked for them!  Why not us??

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