Thursday, May 23, 2013

Designed in California, made in America: Apple to build new Macs in Texas

Nice mesh of two states at each other's throats.

So whether you side with those like Senator John McCain who thinks “Apple is one of the great tax avoiders in U.S. history,” or with Apple, which argues it pays “an extraordinary amount” in U.S. taxes – about $6 billion in 2012 – there’s one thing we can’t argue over: Apple’s building new Macs! In the U.S.A.!

However, though rumors of a U.S.-built Mac have been buzzing for the last five months, we feel inclined to point out that Cook still didn’t unveil what kind of Mac would be built there. Stay tuned for more details. 
I just hope it consists of more than just two people:  One shoving the parts onto a robotic assembly line and another packing the computers into a box for shipping.

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