Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fight to close California oyster farm divides community and gains national attention

Let's hope Kevin Lunny wins.
“The story has been, ‘This poor farmer, and he’s a victim of the government,’ and it’s just complete nonsense,” Trainer said. “He’s getting all kinds of free legal advice, hundreds of thousands of dollars in free legal help. He’s working with all these ultra-conservative members of Congress.”

But Lunny counters that while he has accepted help from those willing to help, it doesn’t mean he agrees with all of their views. He, in turn, accuses Trainer and local environmentalists of being unwilling to even try to find common ground and for personal attacks that aren't true.

“I have never been treated like the enemy before, and it’s been an uncomfortable position,” Lunny said, adding that he’s invited his opponents to come view his operation, but none have.

Sighing, he added, “I am a farmer. That’s all I want to do.”

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