Friday, May 17, 2013

Residents of bankrupt California city launch council recall

Let's hope this is a grassroots effort and not some union funded ruse.

The group of San Bernardino business people and residents seeking to eject the city's current leadership needs to collect enough signatures by July 30, and find viable candidates, to challenge the seven council members, the mayor and city attorney in November's election.

The group, San Bernardino Residents for Responsible Government, is led by local businessmen Scott Beard and Tom Brickley. Beard says there are "10 core members" of the group and they have been planning the recall drive for nearly a year.

"We are very frustrated with the performance of our council and we have to take some action," Beard said in a telephone interview.

"We just feel the only way to correct that problem is to change the entire leadership."

Beard said the group already had four people willing to stand as council candidates, but he declined to provide their names. He said the group is talking to others so the entire council will be challenged in November.

We'll have to track this...

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