Sunday, May 5, 2013

Liberal LA Councilmen Consider Blocking Koch Buyout of LA Times

See, this is why CA is a lost cause.  Ban a Conservative from buying the LA Times?  This is hopelessly pathetic.

The newspaper industry as a whole may be dying, but the liberal Democratic Los Angeles city council knows that an editorially-liberal broadsheet is invaluable to its continued monopoly on power. There are actually L.A. councilmen who want to explore using the city's pension funds to prevent the Los Angeles Times from being bought out by the conservative Koch brothers.

Here's a paragraph from the motion:
We cannot support the sale of the Times to entities who Times readers would view as a political transaction first and foremost, turning L.A.'s metropolitan daily into an ideological mouthpiece whose commitment to empirical journalism would be unproven at best. A newspaper isn't just a business it's also a civic trust.  
Yeah, like it's not already an ideological mouthpiece.

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