Saturday, May 4, 2013

FDA RUNNING OUT OF STUFF TO REGULATE: official calls caffeinated food 'very disturbing to us'

FDA officials finding caffeinated foods "very disturbing to us" is very disturbing to me.
This week, Taylor announced that the FDA would investigate the effect that foods with added caffeine have on the public and children's health. He left the door open for future action from the agency, but in the published remarks on Friday he seemed skeptical about the possibility of imposing age restrictions on caffeine.

"While various uses may meet federal food safety standards, the only time FDA explicitly approved adding caffeine was for colas in the 1950s," Taylor said. "Existing rules never anticipated the current proliferation of caffeinated products."
Oh Gosh!  And so what if there is a proliferation of caffeine containing products?  Now we'll start hearing how regulating caffeine will "save lives" and lower health care costs.  I'm just sick of it.

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