Saturday, May 4, 2013

PINAC: Photography Is Not A Crime website

I have started checking out this website.  But, unfortunately, I can't take too much of it.  Officers of the Law who should know better manhandling people who won't stop recording. But there is NO LAW saying you have to stop recording or taking photos.

Here's an example:
The following day, Vreeland drove down to the Jackson City Police Department and met with the police chief and a lieutenant who both watched the video.

“When they saw the video, their faces went stone-cold and they apologized and said the charges would be rescinded,” Vreeland said in a telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime Tuesday night.

They not only returned his memory card, but they they gave him money to purchase a new camera and assured him the incident would be investigated by internal affairs, which is practically unheard of in other departments.
The amazing thing is, the video is shot at night and you can't make out anything.  The policeman really screwed up.

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