Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oakland Tries To Circumvent California Gun Control Rules

My first thought was that maybe the city would make it easier for residents to obtain firearms to protect themselves.  Then I realized we're talking about ultra leftwing  Statists.  Looks like they want to try to make it harder.

Which means all that will be left in Oakland are criminals and drug dealers.

“This is not banning guns,” she added. “This is just having tighter controls on who’s owning and who’s selling them and buying them,” she explained. “This law would allow Oakland to actually create that type of procedure and get guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.”

Bonta chairs a select committee on gun violence, and secured approval of the AB 180 in the Assembly’s Public Safety Committee last week.

“Across our state, communities are suffering from a devastating combination of budget cuts to public safety and coinciding increases in violent crime. No one can deny that Oakland is suffering from among the worst gun violence in the state and in the nation,” Bonta said in a written statement.
This is amazing.  So, in towns that have cut their police force in half or maybe more, who is left to enforce these new laws?  Who is going to go after the criminals who have obtained their firearms illegally?  NO ONE!!

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