Saturday, May 11, 2013

Transgender Rights Bill Passes California Legislature

If there were an indication as to how far off the reservation CA is, this is it.
A bill that would allow transgender students to use public restrooms at their schools which serve the gender with which they identify has passed the California State Assembly. Among other rights, the bill would also allow transgender students to play on school sports teams along with others of their chosen gender.
If I were a woman's basketball coach I'd be burning the telephone lines trying to drum up votes for this bill!!

I had read about this a couple of weeks ago, but didn't report on it.  Now I see the state may be serious about it.  It's clear the inmates are running the asylum.

Here's an article from the UK that talks about two bills:

One bill would allow transgender students to use bathrooms and gain membership of sports teams according to their gender identity. The second bill would create an administrative alternative for transgender people to amend their birth certificates without facing lengthy and legal processes.
In this article an assemblyman is quoted as saying: ""This shows the nobility of what a legislature can do."

We are arriving at the twisting point in insanity.

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