Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A regulation that might actually reduce California gasoline prices

But....but....Bakken crude is FRACKED!!!!!

That's the Bakken oil field in North Dakota. "And, in a twist," Platts says, "Bakken crude has been given a relatively low carbon intensity rating."

Platts isn't willing to comment on the potential effect on gasoline prices, but it does say Bakken crude is considered clean enough to help the state reach its 2020 standard.

For California drivers, the good news is this: Bakken crude over the last two years has sold for between $4 and $28 a barrel less than the average barrel of U.S. oil sold on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Compared with the price of the foreign crude oil California has imported over the years, the price difference is even greater; Bakker oil has been lower by $14 to $38 a barrel.
The main problem is you have to get it to CA to refine.  Trucking it in is expensive. I have no idea if the pipelines connect.

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