Saturday, April 6, 2013

Official U-Haul Index

I am going to establish a real U-Haul Index.  It will simply be a ratio of hauling stuff from California to San Antonio, Tx to the cost of hauling it the other way.

But I'm going to have the stuff hauled not only from San Francisco, but from Fresno, CA.  Why? Because the unemployment in Fresno is really, really bad.  This may or nay not be a good indicator.  It may mean that at some point the last low income worker has managed to leave without the proverbial door hitting him in the rear end.

I will use the basis of a small family of one to two children sharing a bedroom with the parents in the other.  It will be based on living in an apartment.

So, as of April 6, here are the numbers and the ratios:

SF to SA: SA to SF 1.732

Fresno to SA : SA to Fresno: 3.302

This is astounding.  The poor and unemployed are desperately trying to get out of Fresno.

I am keeping a spreadsheet on the whole thing, so if anyone wants a copy of it I am more than happy to supply it.

I'll update the file on a monthly basis.


  1. how do i get a copy of your excel file?

    1. OK. My email address is posted on my profile - I hope. Send me an email and I'll send you a copy. I almost forgot it's time to update it!

  2. I dunno! No one has ever asked me for it! Let me see if my email address is listed in my profile. That's about the only way to get it to you.