Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Top ranking California official issues stern warning to carmakers about zero-emission vehicles

When state bureaucrats can come in and strut their blubber...it's time to leave.

Noting that the zero emissions goals were drafted several years ago, Nichols told the carmakers they are, “shooting yourselves in the foot, or maybe I could say, tripping over your own halo,” in trying to get the requirements reconsidered, as reported by Green Car Reports.
When CA cars are too expensive to own and too underpowered to be used and sales hit the skids, what do you do?

It's called the Black Market.  This is what will happen in CA.

Mexico has about 6 million imported cars on its roads -- vehicles not made to be sold in the Mexican market -- and many are used cars and trucks that are simply driven over the border from the United States and not registered here legally.

Some Mexicans like the non-registered cars because they cost less to buy than legalized cars, which go through a bureaucratic process in which the importer must pay a duty and a sales tax. But Mexico's auto dealers say the illicit trade in "junkers" as they call the mostly U.S. cars is ruining their used-car businesses.

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