Sunday, April 7, 2013

U.S. board faults California safety regulations in Chevron blaze

So, in other words the Feds are saying that CA'ians will end up paying more for gasoline for longer by doing this:
"The California process safety regulatory system lacked sufficient well-trained, technically competent staff and also lacked more rigorous regulatory requirements to require Chevron to reduce safety risk," said the U.S. Chemical Safety Board's lead investigator Dan Tillema at a public hearing in Richmond on Friday.

CSB Western Regional Director Don Holmstrom called upon California to change its regulatory system to one called "safety case" in which high-hazard industrial plants such as crude oil refineries would not be allowed to begin operating until they have proven they have reduced all safety risks to as low as reasonably practicable.
Wow.  CA regs aren't strong enough.  Now I've heard everything. And you guys aren't getting your money's worth in bureaucrats?  Really?

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