Monday, April 1, 2013

Thousands of California teachers receive layoff notices

Here we go again.  In the end not nearly the same number will actually be laid off.  What a waste of time and money...and STRESS.

What's really astonishing is the fact that this article is from the World Socialist Website.  If this is how Socialist really think, I may join them!
The official teachers unions in California are feigning surprise at the further cuts in education that they helped to facilitate. “For school districts now to be issuing layoff notices really violates the spirit in which Proposition 30 was promoted to the voters,” Joshua Pechthalt, the California Federation of Teachers president, told

In reality, the official teachers unions across the entire country are working tirelessly to help the Obama administration decimate public education. The teachers unions universally accept the premise that cuts are necessary, and their chief function is to help contain workers’ opposition in return for dues revenues, which are then funneled into the Democratic Party.
Boy, if these guys hate O'Bama, they must be to the far-extreme-totally-not-even-close to the left!

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