Sunday, April 14, 2013

California court: Motorist can’t use hand-held map

I'm not sure I know the difference between a paper map and an iPhone Google map.
Spriggs, who graduated from law school but is not a practicing attorney, represented himself before the commissioner and then the appeals panel. He initially brought a paper map to court to argue that it was legal to hold it while driving. Not persuaded, the traffic court commissioner found him guilty.

Next, he appealed to the three-judge panel of Fresno Superior Court, arguing in a legal brief that the iPhone has a flashlight feature and other functions that can be useful to a driver and aren’t as dangerous as texting or talking. That hearing last all of 30 seconds because no one from the CHP or district attorney’s office appeared to oppose the appeal by Spriggs.

He still lost.
You have to wonder where this is headed.

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