Saturday, April 27, 2013

CalPERS pushes CA away from cheap, clean hydropower

Another great article at CalWatchdog.
Swan explained the reason we are destined to future power system failures is, “[W]e just have to learn things the hard way!” He doesn’t seem to grasp that it is California’s huge pension fund gap that is pressing CalPERS and the state Legislature to rig California’s energy market against both the cheapest and cleanest form of power available, hydropower.

California radio host Warren Duffy asks: Why enforce AB 32 when studies show there is no global warming? The explanation for why California’s environmental and energy policies are so economically and environmentally irrational can be found by “following the money” to CalPERS’ and the state legislature’s rigging of California’s energy market in favor of green investments.
It's bad enough that Statism and Leftists are in and of themselves twisted in their logic and ideology.  But now their ideas are being shoved down the throats of their people.  In Leftist thinking, the people don't count.  You're just a means to an end.

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