Sunday, April 14, 2013

California needs to bolster regulation of fracking, report says

YAD (Yet Another Doh!).  Of course!!  Another WDITOT (Why didn't I think of that!).  Regulate the hell out of fracking.  That will certainly fix things!  Even if they weren't even broken.  Yep.  I think we can all sit back smug in our thoughts that we are in the running to "fix" things in CA!!
California needs to strengthen regulation of hydraulic fracturing, according to a UC Berkeley Law School report that identified a number of shortcomings in state oversight of the controversial practice.

Although not new to California, fracking has come under increasing scrutiny recently as states such as Pennsylvania and New York experience a boom in the technique, which involves the high-pressure injection of chemical-laced fluids into the ground to crack rock formations and extract oil and gas. Environmental concerns center on potential groundwater contamination from fracking fluids and disposal of saline wastewater.
Yeah, that's it. Get the LAWYERS to look at it since they are so technically oriented!

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