Sunday, April 7, 2013

Reform of California's landmark environmental law is on life support

This is one of the reasons CA will never be able to move forward.
In 2009, Moe tried to add three gas pumps and got the blessing of the city's planning commission after studies showed no significant environmental impacts.

But a competing gas station across 33rd Street, Andy's BP, filed a lawsuit under CEQA claiming that a full study of traffic impacts was necessary.

An environmental impact report in September 2011 concluded that the traffic impact was insignificant, and the City Council approved the project. But Andy's ownersimply filed a new lawsuit, which is still pending.

The owner of Moe's Stop estimates that the overall cost of the project delay was at least $500,000 in attorneys' fees, the cost of the EIR and lost business when the gas station had to close for eight months awaiting litigation.

With California's job picture still bleak, the argument that CEQA is preventing businesses from creating jobs is resonating more these days.

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