Saturday, April 27, 2013

New California Soda-Tax Bill Under Consideration

Honestly, now.  Do you really think they are doing it for the health of the children?  If you think that, then STAY IN CA.  We don't want you to go anywhere else.
"This bill will combat the obesity crisis and ensure that our children -- and future generations of Californians -- are not doomed to a shorter life expectancy and can instead live longer, healthier lives,'' the bill's author, State Sen. Bill Monning (D-Carmel), told The Los Angeles Times.

Monning's legislation would add 12 cents to the cost of an average can of soda, while exempting all drinks under 25 calories; a regular Coke, for example, would become a bit more expensive, whereas a Diet Coke would still cost the same.


Advocates of the soda tax hope that increasing the cost of sugary beverages to put them on par with healthier, more expensive options will entice more people to make better choices when it comes to quenching their thirsts.
From what I can tell, the ONLY healthy option is water.

When you compare soft drinks to other beverages, including juices, for sugar content, soft drinks are generally no worse than other options.  It's Not About Nutrition website looks at this:
If you are going to give your kids juice for breakfast, you might as well give them Coke (Plus). And if you would never regularly give your kids Coke for breakfast, why in the world would you constantly give them juice?
Here is a snapshot of the table they have on their website:

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