Sunday, April 21, 2013

Viewpoints: Should plastic bags be banned in California? Two view points

As usual, the Leftists are all full of frightening statistics and the End-Of-Life-As-We-Know-It.  Don't you guys in CA get a little weary of the constant haranguing from the Left?

So here's the "Yes"

Imagine that you're a sea turtle swimming off the coast of California. You see something that, to your eyes, looks like a jellyfish – a welcome sight, given your hunger. As you open your mouth, you realize, too late, that what you thought was dinner is, in fact, the remnants of a plastic bag. The plastic settles in your stomach, never to digest, telling your body that you're full. Soon, you'll starve and die.
I bet you can feel your trachea constrict as you read this, eh??

Here's the "No"

This is a solution in search of a problem. Statewide and locally, the approach is the same: parrot other ban proposals as if they are gospel; cite a big number (amount of bags used); mention a few emotionally charged anecdotes (a dead sea turtle); and make sweeping, unsubstantiated statements (plastic is killing our oceans). But where is the hard data showing significant harm and that a ban prevents it? A 2008 San Francisco litter study actually showed a slight uptick of plastic bag litter after a ban the previous year. Even so, that city's data showed plastic bags contributed just 0.64 percent of all large litter. Plastic bags make up less than 0.5 percent of all solid waste. 

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