Thursday, April 11, 2013


And CA self destruction continues unabated.
As California politics watchdog Stephen Frank points out, "Pass this and hundreds of thousands of Californians are out of work on Day One--and tens of thousands of Californians have lost their investments and businesses."

But there are other, perhaps unintended, consequences in the offing here. This law would benefit large, multi-million dollar national chain restaurants in as much as it would eliminate their competition at a local level. Mom and Pop restaurants, small local chains, and one-location restaurants could never afford to have expensive tests done for every food item they sell. The big chains, however, have a whole country of locations and customers upon which to spread the costs of this "risk assessment."
The really scary part of all this?   CA could actually pass the law.

We are a ghost of our former selves.  We are the shadow that slowly blends then disappears as the sun sets and darkness surrounds us....

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