Monday, October 22, 2012

A House Race Reflects Shift in California

Color me skeptical that 1) that the Democrat with lose and 2) if she does lose that the Republican will be any different from the Democrat.
Some polls show Rep. Lois Capps, a 74-year-old Democrat, has fallen slightly behind her GOP rival, 45-year-old Abel Maldonado, a former state senator with often-centrist views, in the 24th District. "It is one of the cliffhangers in California congressional races," says Barbara O'Connor, a political-science professor at California State University, Sacramento.

The matchup wouldn't have been conceivable two years ago in this district northwest of Los Angeles, populated by Democratic-leaning urban and suburban dwellers. Ms. Capps, a seven-term incumbent, beat conservative Republican challengers in her last three elections with 57% to 68% of the vote.

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