Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How Texas Pays the Bills

Over and over and over again I find articles that compare CA and TX.  And it is without a dobt  teh starkest comparisons one can make.  Why does TX succeed where CA fails?  TX succeeds because we don't think people are stupid.  We don't think people need to be watched over constantly.  We don't think businessmen are out to exploit the masses.  We don't think that workers are too STUPID to think for themselves.

In fact, the less you try to control, the easier it becomes for people to leave a job where the boss is too controling or dictatorial ( read: asshole) because there are many more jobs for the job seeker to chose from.  Excerpt from article:

Texas does not have an income tax, and that makes it attractive to many businesses and workers. Every few years, somebody comes along and proposes one, and the usual leftists (Texas has them, too) and government workers (but I repeat myself) cheer the proposal, and then a few months later everybody is asking, “Whatever happened to that guy who wanted an income tax?” My impression after many conversations with business and political leaders in Texas is that what is most attractive and effective about its tax climate is not the lack of an income tax or anything else about its particular structure, but the fact that it is predictable and stable. Nobody invests in Texas expecting to accidentally wake up in Connecticut or New Jersey two years later.

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