Wednesday, October 3, 2012

California, Here They Go

The Sovereign Investor extrapolates the CA problem to the whole of America. And rightly so.
Another crazy example came last week, when the state legislature passed a “ban on psychotherapy aimed at making gay teenagers straight.” Sen. Ted Lieu, the Torrance Democrat who authored the gay-therapy ban, boasts a list of his 17 freedom-curbing bills approved by the legislature. Reason magazine suggests Lieu is competing for the title “California’s Ultimate Nanny.”

As you might expect, these intrusions into the public’s lives have done little to improve California’s economic situation. Every new initiative costs the state more money, and those costs are either passed on to the public in the form of new taxes and fees, or simply piled onto the state’s massive debt – a debt that now exceeds that of the entire nation of Greece.

In light of this assault on its citizens’ liberties and ever-higher taxes, California is seeing a continuing mass exodus of people and businesses from the once Golden State to other western neighbors where freedom still lives.

It’s no longer an issue of safety of life, liberty and property. It’s how fast one can escape with what little the legislature has left its beleaguered citizens.

That old Al Jolson song lyric has been revised to this: “California, here I go!”

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