Saturday, October 27, 2012

Explosive CDC Omission: Norovirus Spread Through Reusable Grocery Bags

I've talked about this before.  And there is one phrase that one can never use unqualified:

"It's never happened before." 

And the spread of disease from re-usable bags is a prime example of this.

Among the public health agency's prescribed practices to stop the spread of the virus: "Practice proper hand hygiene … Take care in the kitchen … Do not prepare food while infected … Clean and disinfect contaminated surfaces after throwing up or having diarrhea … Wash laundry thoroughly."

But nowhere in that exhaustive battery of norovirus dodges was a recommendation to avoid reusable grocery bags. Curious, considering that reusable-but-not-recyclable alternative to single-use plastic bags were recently linked to an unsavory outbreak of norovirus that struck a hapless middle school-aged girls' soccer team.

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