Thursday, October 25, 2012

California Parents Protest Teaching Of Yoga In School

People think of Yoga as just exercise, but it isn't.
"Yoga is a physical activity that's completely mainstream," Baird told ABC News. "It's done in universities and churches around the world. I understand it has a cultural heritage coming from India, and there are people that use yoga in their religious practices. … We are creating lesson plans in kid-friendly language that is really redesigning the program. We are not using cultural references. We are not using Sanskrit. We've changed the names to gorilla pose, and mountain pose."

Broyles, and the parents he stands with, strongly disagree, however. They’re saying all poses and commands in ashtanga have religious significance.

"On the wall there was a poster that showed the ashtanga. There are words showing what the limbs are,” said Broyles. "The ultimate goal is to be absorbed into the universe, which is called samadhi. They had a poster depicting that. Fundamentally it is a Hindu religion being taught through ashtanga yoga."
What is so ironic about all this is, here you have several parents, not just one person objecting to Yoga being taught in schools.  But if ONE PERSON objects to Christian principles then the whole thing is thrown out.  Consider what happened in Texas recently.
An East Texas school district had prohibited a high school cheerleading squad from displaying large signs with Bible verses during football games. The ban came after an atheist who attended a game in the small town of Kountze complained that the sign was akin to the public school promoting Christianity, which would violate a Supreme Court ruling.
BTW, if you're interested, there is a morbid side of Yoga.   It is considered a preparation for death.   Didn't know that?  Well, then you aren't reading the right books...

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