Sunday, October 7, 2012


Wow. A CA college is involved.  What a shocker!
“It is really disappointing that a school, which promotes diversity and uses the mantra ‘everyone matters,’ would ban an existing club from changing its name," Ms. Blackwell declared. "It is even more frustrating that this censorship isn’t even due to school rules or policy. It is the result of a few administrators’ personal opinions. They just don’t agree with language on YAF’s website about college’s having liberal professors. I guess the truth hurts.”

Conservative students are treated like second-class citizens on liberal campuses like Azusa Pacific University. These campuses love “diversity” and “inclusion”—except when it comes to conservative ideas and values. Proposed campus groups should be beholden to the same standards and rules, not the intolerant opinions and whims of a few administrators. YAF will keep pressuring APU until this unfair decision is overturned.

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