Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Muni debt-backed energy plant in California falters

What a shame.  I'm trying to find some information but it looks like a lot of it has been wiped.  I have to go into google cache stuff to read about the process.  Looks like this is a story that is finally coming to an end.

The human waste comes in at 70% water. That's a LOT of water to have to remove.  There aren't many good ways to efficiently remove that much water with that much solids.  The other problem is sanitizing the waste which requires a lot of energy.  Then there is the enormous waste water you have to remove and treat before the water is discharged to rivers and streams. In fact, I see a secondary source of solids just from the waste water treatment that they probably recycle back to their SlurryCarb process.

I'm familiar with a multitude of filtering and separation methods.  I'm sort of at a loss to figure out what went wrong.  I wish I had more information...

The Orange County Sanitation District ended a contract in July with EnerTech due to the inability of the company's Rialto facility to handle the volume of biosolids sent to it on a consistent basis, district spokesman Jim Colston said.

The facility was under contract to take 225 tons of processed sewage sludge from the district per day, which was processed into a coal substitute, Colston said.

EnerTech could not be reached for comment.

Berman said there is a possibility the company's California facility could be taken over by buyers looking for a similar o p eration. Or, he said, the facility may be put up for auction.

Berman said he not aware of any secured claims ahead of bondholders, adding that it is too early to say how much they will recover: "Until I know for a certainty, I don't guess."

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