Saturday, October 13, 2012

Had Enough Therapy? California, Running Out of Gas

Pursuant to my last blog entry, Mr. Schneiderman chimes in with some good words on why CA has found itself in it's unenviable position:

Even the most inveterate atheists have to admit that God does not approve of California.

Naturally, Californians have a right to the most stringent environmental regulations in the nation. They voted for them; they own them. It only seems just that they should pay for them. It’s God’s way of teaching people to take responsibility.

If you have been following the news coverage of the California gas crisis you, as I, have probably come away with the impression that it’s all the fault of a refinery fire or some such accident. This spin makes it all sound like … an accident, an act of God.

This morning a Wall Street Journal editorial showed, on the contrary, that the California gas crisis is a man-caused, or as the green crowd likes to say, anthropogenic calamity.

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