Wednesday, October 10, 2012

State comptroller raises the red flag on debt

TX...not CA.  And Houston in particular.  I had mentioned this before that TX loves to spend our money.
Houston, for example, has total outstanding debt of $13.1 billion. With a population of nearly 2.1 million, debt per capita is $6,264. Most city debt, the comptroller's report points out, is backed by fees and other revenue sources.

"We could do a better job on being smarter about borrowing," Combs said. "Are we really being careful before we build another building?"

Voters will be considering $2.7 billion in bond issues on the ballot this November from the city, Houston Community College and Houston Independent School District.
Apparently, the $13.1 billion is not the recent number.  The local radio talk show is throwing around $22 billion.

I don't ever remember voting "yes" on any bond.

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