Monday, October 22, 2012

This Is What a Blue State Looks Like: Rally for Nudity in SF

Hey, I'm a less regulation sort of guy.  I'm all for letting people do their own thing. And maybe nudity, (and that's big maybe) would fall in that less regs category.  But do you honestly think these people in their birthday suits are really for less regulations?  I doubt it!

The “Rally for Nudity,” as it was called, took place in the city’s Castro District on Saturday, October 20, drawing over a hundred mostly naked protesters fighting against a proposed new law that would criminalize nudity in San Francisco. That’s right — probably because no one ever thought such a law was necessary in chilly San Francisco, the city government has never bothered to pass a law forbidding public nudity, and recently a large group of dedicated nudists and exhibitionists have taken advantage of this legal loophole, parading around naked in public on a daily basis, mostly in the Castro District.

Now, responding to complaints from local businesses and clothed neighbors, the area’s City Supervisor — the perfectly named Scott Wiener (no joke) — has proposed a new ordinance banning public nudity in San Francisco. That was the final straw for the naked activists, who announced a clothing-optional public protest against the law on Saturday in Jane Warner Plaza, at the intersection of Castro and Market streets, a busy corner that has become the prime rendezvous spot for the city’s nudists.
Surely these dudes and dudettes realize that if you live by the State you die by the State.

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