Sunday, October 7, 2012

Natural gas gold rush: Is your state next?

A good article on the prosperity that fracking is bringing the northeast.  And those whose lives were lulled into serene pastoral settings are jangled by the onslaught of business.

Personally, I think the decaying northeast NEEDS to be jangled and stood up on its head.  They have forgotten their past.  They've neglected their heritage.  I think it's about time they got shook up!!
"Oh my heavens, yes, the boom is here," says Ohio State University agricultural extension agent Mike Hogan, who until recently worked in two eastern Ohio counties, Harrison and Jefferson. Both sit atop the Utica shale, about 10,000 feet down and prized for its "wet" natural gas, rich with liquid ethane, butane, propane and heavier liquids that can be made into gasoline.

As natural gas prices are down and gasoline prices top $3 a gallon in most of the country, the action in hydraulic fracturing has found a home in eastern Ohio.

"The number of trucks on the roads is incredible," Hogan says. "But the money is more than welcome here.

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