Tuesday, October 9, 2012

VDH: Bankrupt California No money for crumbling roads, but billions for high-speed rail.

VDH chines in and as always lays it all out there for you.

A refinery fire, a power outage, a uniquely Californian gasoline formula, years of regulating refineries into stasis — all that has finally caught up with the state, as prices soar at the pump. Yet what perplexes about California in extremis is the liberal ability for our state government simply to ignore its own regulations, which it has been using to paralyze businesses for years. For example, a panicked Governor Brown just asked the state air-resources board to suspend the law that requires gas stations to sell our special summer fuel formula through the month of October. The state asserted that a one-time suspension would increase supplies and yet not materially affect our air quality — which begs the question: Why, if that is true, would such a regulation have been passed in the first place?


There are many lessons from California. One is that the vision of the present administration is already here — and it simply does not work.

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