Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Environmentalists sue California to stop fracking

And what will the Enviro-whackos point to when they say that Fracking isn't safe?  Where in CA will they point and say "fracking is killing us!".  Fracking has been going on for decades in CA and NO ONE EVEN KNEW IT.

John Krohn, spokesman for oil and gas industry group Energy In Depth, pointed to the regulators' new rules on fracking and also said that California already had strict oil and gas rules that protect groundwater.

"But fringe environmental groups will not settle for anything less than a ban, which is why they are taking the regulators to court," he said in a statement.

The lawsuit acknowledged that fracking had been taking place in California oil wells since the 1950s, but the plaintiffs asked that the regulator not allow any more fracking until it has prepared "programmatic" environmental impact reports to cover the practice in various types of wells around the state.

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