Sunday, October 21, 2012

How sugar may make you stupid

Oh brother!  Here we go!  A while back I wrote a blog comparing articles on the web written  about "research" on smoking and "research" on obesity.  It was truly amazing that they caused many of the same things.

Not it looks like there is a campaign in full swing to show that HFCS causes the same thing.  In this case, it's that HFCS just makes you STUPID.

In terms of humans, Gomez-Pinilla predicts such changes in the brain to happen within six months to a year.

“The implication(s) here (are) the high consumption and the chronic consumption for man,” Gomez-Pinilla said, adding research needs to be done on the specific affects on humans.

“We don’t know yet how long (the damage) can last.”
I work with three chemical engineers who down cokes for breakfast. They are three of the smartest guys I know.

What a crock.

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