Saturday, October 13, 2012

Calif. govt. killing small businesses

Small businesses in CA are getting whacked hard by regulations and taxes.  More so that large businesses.
According to John Kabateck with the National Federation of Independent Business-California, small businesses end up paying 37 percent more than large businesses to comply with California’s growing giant book of regulations.

That’s a frustrating statistic.

Small businesses pay 18 percent more for health insurance than larger businesses.

The cost of tax compliance for small business is 65 percent greater than big businesses.

Mounting paperwork, reporting requirements and the costs of the taxes are much more costly to a small business, which often has to hire additional employees just to administer the many different regulations and multi-agency tax paperwork.

The ignorance and selfishness of lawmakers choosing to increase regulations and taxes on small business owners instead of cutting state costs is killing the geese which lay California’s golden eggs.

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